PON history

PON research technology originated in 1995, in October 1998, ITU through the ATM-based PON technology standard --G.983 FSAN organization advocated, also known as BPON (BroadbandPON). Rate of 155Mbps, optional support 622Mbps speed.

EFMA (Ethernetin the First Mile Alliance) at the end of 2000 proposed Ethernet-PON (EPON) concept, transfer rate up to 1Gbps, based on simple Ethernet link layer encapsulation.

GPON (Gigabit-CapablePON) in September 2002 proposed by the FSAN Organization in March 2003 by the ITU G.984.1 and G.984.2 protocol. G.984.1 for GPON access system overall characteristics were prescribed; G.984.2 for GPON of ODN (Optical Distribution Network) Physical Media Dependent Sublayer been stipulated; in June 2004 passed the ITU G.984.3, it transmission Convergence (TC) layer requirements were specified.

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