Facebook will invest $ 300 million to build a data center in Taiwan

Taiwan government officials on the 2nd said, Facebook plans to build a data center in the vicinity, "Changhua HSR station" Taichung, Changhua County.

In this regard, Facebook also confirmed that the company is currently looking for a suitable location is indeed in Taiwan to build a data center, but has yet to make a final decision.

Changhua county government official said, Facebook has hired a consulting firm to help evaluate the six candidates for the position, the results of a position, "Changhua high-speed rail station" near the most promising. Changhua county government also said, Facebook in August this year has sent technical teams to evaluate the position.

It is reported that, Facebook plans to invest 10 billion Taiwan dollars (about 300 million US dollars) to build the data center. The data center will initially covering 6 hectares, and the final size will reach 20 hectares. Changhua county government also said, Facebook data center needs 16.1 kV power system, initially consume 1,000 tons of water per day.

Facebook is one of the most popular social network in Taiwan. According to Facebook said the number of months in Taiwan about 15 million active users. Facebook announced in January this year, will set up a small team in Taipei, in order to provide better technical support to Taiwan enterprises and application developers.

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