Visible light communication studies major breakthrough

Information Engineering University, led by the commitment of the State 863 Program "visible light communication system key technology research" project recently achieved a major breakthrough, real-time communications visible in one fell swoop rate increased to 50Gbps, equivalent to 0.2 seconds to complete a high-definition movie downloads, is currently 5 times the publicly reported the highest international level, the relevant results have been through the national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Research Institute of Telecommunications Transmission testing and certification.

Visible light communication is the use of semiconductor lighting (LED lamp) light to achieve "a light will be able to access," the new high-speed data transmission technology, its spectral bandwidth is the next generation of wireless radio spectrum bandwidth currently in use in recent times, is a broad application prospects One of communications technology. The unique anti-jamming technology, anti-interception, high-speed broadband access and other capabilities, it has significant application needs and development prospects in the field of high performance computer communications equipment, phased array radar, ships and so on.

Chinese Academy of Engineering, Information Engineering University professor Wu Xing Jiang said that at present, the world has about 44 billion lamps lighting network composed of tens of billions of LED lighting equipment and other equipment to build a giant fusion of visible light communications network. It is envisaged that after the next large-scale visible light communication, each lamp can be used as a high-speed network hotspot, people waiting for the bus in the street can download several movies on the plane, but also can take advantage of high-speed wireless Internet access, LED light source meet the indoor network, networking, car networking, Industry 4.0, secure payment, smart city, defense communications, wireless communication network end demand for Internet + provides a new low-cost access methods.

Information Engineering University is the earliest visible light communication technology research and development and scientific research units, is the responsibility of the State Standardization visible light communication unit, set up a "Chinese visible light communication industry technology innovation strategic alliance." The school academician Wu Xing Jiang, Professor Yu Hongyi research team responsible for a series of key technology breakthroughs, among the international forefront of visible light communications research and development.

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