Huawei Marine successfully completed 100G WACS system-wide expansion and opened business

Huawei Marine today announced that the recently completed 14,530 kilometers of system-wide expansion project 100G - West Africa Submarine Cable System (WACS) has successfully completed commissioning and opened lines of business.

WACS by the 18 operators to invest in the league, which is connected along the west coast of Africa from South Africa, the United Kingdom, with a total length of 14,530 kilometers, in 2012 and put into use, the use of 10Gbit/s design, the initial capacity of 5.12Tbit/s. Prior to the expansion of the use of Huawei's innovative 3rd generation soft-decision forward error correction techniques and a bit interleaving technique successfully transfer rate up to 100Gbit/s; at the same time to protect the customer's original investment, the use of the existing network 10G and 100G wavelength wavelength long distance transport were mixed. After upgrading WACS system capacity reached early 14.5Tbit/s, test results and test systems well to achieve the desired objectives.

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