ONOS published SDN's latest operating system Emu

Open network operating system ONOS community, today announced the fifth edition of the operating system software. Pursuant before each edition are named alphabetically from one bird Avocet, traditional Black bird, Cardinal, Drake, and this version of the software is named after an Australian Emu ostrich named. This is also a year ONOS continuous release of the fifth edition of the software. ONOS indicate this release demonstrates the continued ONOS they will work together to create a real partnership effort SDN / NFV solutions. ONOS has quickly become a operators and equipment manufacturers can rely on it to create SDN / NFV solutions, the introduction of new business models, and from SDN / NFV business profitable platform.

This version of the software, including the contribution ONOS communities such as IP Multicast, improve SDN-IP platforms, including CORD (Central Office Re-Architected as a Data Center), packet / optical, and other key business functions SFC chain applications improve, and to project an open platform for the NFV OPNFV and OpenStack support.

ON.Lab engineering VP Bill Snow expressed, ONOS community continues to accelerate each quarter release, this release is becoming a habit for ONOS future success will be very important. They were very happy to see Emu published.

ONOS also announced the release of Emu version of the system including access to ECI, ClearPath Networks and participation from China BUPT FNlab like. Last month, Alcatel-Lucent also announced to join ONOS project.

Emu new features include:

Huawei to support OpenStack and OPNFV the Brahmaputra integrated contribution, Fujitsu predetermined resource subsystem work and support the work of CORD SK Telecom for providing mobile network.

IP Multicast --DirecTV multicast architecture will continue to contribute. To support multicast applications, ONOS create ONOS forward multicast applications MFWD.

GUI-ONOS new MFWD CLI and REST API supports external operators and application inspection modify MFWD state.

Business function chain - Huawei for VTN (virtual tenant network) system supports ONOS Contribute Layer 2 and Layer 3 virtual network applications and business functions IETF chain of SFC

CORD-- forthcoming and AT&T to expand field trials in the first half of next year

Adaptive streaming surveillance - Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute ETRI contribution

SDN-IP-- supports connection to external network applications, using BGP.

In the evaluation of LR, CORD and support for OpenStack and OPNFV is seen as the most important improvement in this edition ONOS operating system.

ONOS is an open source ON.Lab Management SDN network operating system, mainly for service providers and large enterprises the ability to create and deploy the hardware, including the white card switch. December 5, 2014, released the first version of the open source ONOS, and high-profile service providers and technology suppliers are involved in ONOS projects, such as AT&T, Cisco, Ciena, Ericsson, Huawei, NTT Communications and Telecom. ONOS is considered to be the leading IT vendors to OpenDaylight community a telecommunications countermeasures. Currently ONOS has been more and more telecom operators and equipment manufacturers support.

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