Next-generation optical connector look like?

The next generation of optical connectors should be like? VECTOR project in accordance with the EU statement, at least there is no ferrule. Full name VECTOR project is universal connector easy to install new technology to accelerate the deployment of optical access networks in Europe, its goal is to develop a low-cost, on-site assembly of the optical access network with fiber optic connectors. Today, according to the project developer to say, in the thermal material technology, nano-materials, high-tech plastic, micro-fabrication and micro-mechanical alignment system to support high-tech, etc. under their intended target has been achieved.

VECTOR companies involved in project development, including a CommScope (former Tai Kerui Kan Belgium), Netherlands DEMCON advanced machinery company, Portugal Celoplas company (engaged in the development of precision parts), Belgium cloth Vrije University Brussels and Ghent University photon project, Telecom Italia, Telecom Germany. CommScope is the project coordinator.

Allegedly this no optical connector ferrule technology can already achieve more than the standard IEC 61300-3-34 Class B under insertion loss performance, but do not need to clean the coupling member, the connector yourself with self-cleaning function ( I do not know how to see the document said that the use of a gel filled shutter). Features art lies a fully automated installation tool that lets ordinary workers installed directly.

CommScope's Stephane Berghmans Introducing the item had said, "The existing connector technology requires a lot of preparation, it requires a high level of workers, which makes the connector mounting both slow and unreliable, but also to increase the cost to target non-degree .VECTOR project management is to make use of the optical connector as simple as using the electrical connector. "

Telecom Italia and Deutsche Telekom have tested this connection in their own laboratories. Telecom Italia said the test results could catch light fusion (splices) levels. Deutsche Telekom said the large number of laboratory tests showed the excellent performance of this connector, all the needs of class B connector applications can be deployed on occasion this product.

VECTOR project started from October 1, 2012, September 30 this year, announced the end, a total investment of close to 4.5 million euros.

VECTOR Showcase prospect undoubtedly exciting, but the prospect of its market prospects, edit it a bit worried. The end of the project more than two months, do not say only to see Lightwave website reported that research with the EU's scientific and technological development projects in the past is not much better than China. Europe's problem is that too many countries, market fragmentation, big companies do not actively, small companies do not fund. But this time, we see the test results of Deutsche Telekom and Telecom Italia inspirational, just do not know in the end what costs?

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