Vodafone will deploy 1Gbps FTTH network in Ireland and Portugal

Vodafone Group has begun to implement fiber to the home (FTTH) projects in Ireland and Portugal, the project is 600 million euros is part of the Vodafone Group network expansion project.

Ireland will be Europe's first end-to-fiber optic network project conducted by the national electricity infrastructure. As part of SIRO (Vodafone Ireland ESB co-owned joint venture), Vodafone has started "before the end of 2018 to provide 1 Gbps fiber optic broadband network serving 51 cities and towns in Ireland" program.

Eligible to participate in the scheme must have more than 4,000 inhabitants. Carrigaline town of Cork County will be the first to get this fiber broadband service towns. According to the data show that Ireland does not exceed 50% of the fixed broadband subscribers bandwidth of 30M. Vodafone pointed out, SIRO of 1G (1000M) broadband project will bring revolutionary broadband experience Irish 500,000 homes and businesses.

Vodafone also announced plans to invest 125 million euros in Portugal FTTH network expansion plans before the end of 2016 to provide 1Gbps broadband network services for local 2.75 million homes and businesses. So far, Vodafone FTTH network covers 2.2 million homes and businesses in Portugal. In addition, Vodafone and France Telecom operator Orange also cooperate in the construction of gigabit FTTH network in Spain to provide broadband services to the local more than 200 million inhabitants. Meanwhile, Vodafone is working with the Italian electricity company Enel questionable establish a national FTTH network in the Italian plan.

Vodafone also reached an agreement with Swisscom, the market strategic partnership between the two sides extended to four years. The agreement will bring benefits roaming and high speed internet connection service broadband subscribers in Switzerland. Vodafone customers and corporate clients will roam when visiting Switzerland to Swisscom's broadband network.

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