Intel is how to enhance the telecom network?

Intel announced that it will expand its Xeon processor D-1500 products and introduced a new Intel Ethernet controllers to enhance telecommunication network performance and bandwidth.

The announcement for the benefit of Intel's global telecommunications industry to bring more intelligent network service delivery.

Telecommunications network operators Americas Telecom has selected Intel as a technology partner in the Americas and Europe to upgrade their networks.

Intel will help telecom network operators to rapidly and cost-effective way to expand their infrastructure in order to better meet the needs of future things and 5G mobile technology.

Intel has been working with telecom network maker Cisco, South Korean operator SK Telecom and US carrier Verizon, accelerate the construction of a more flexible and sensitive network and lay the groundwork for 5G network.

Intel will provide support for the Inter-American Telecommunications, modernize its infrastructure in Latin America and Europe to accelerate the introduction of new services, automate their processes to reduce network operating costs.

More than 50 more than the use of the Intel Xeon processor D-1500 product family of networks, cloud storage, enterprise storage and networking system designs being developed.

The new Intel Ethernet multi-host controller FM10000 series combines Ethernet technology and switch resources for high-performance applications and dense communications network server platforms. With up to 200Gbps of high-bandwidth multi-host connectivity and multiple 100G Ethernet ports, providing superior packet-based processing power and greatly reduce between the server and the server's internal network traffic performance bottlenecks.

The new Intel Ethernet Controller X550 series is a cost-effective 0G Ethernet connectivity solutions, can improve the performance of servers and network data center applications.

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