MACOM acquisition of Japanese assembly plant FiBest become a full supplier of high-speed optical module

Communications chip maker M/A-Com has announced a price of $ 60 million acquisition of a Japanese TOSA/ROSA manufacturers FiBest, the purchase price is 2.4 times FiBest sales. FiBest products are mainly based on the EML 10Gbps TOSA and APD, ROSA. M/A-Com even claimed FiBest is 1000Gbps TOSA/ROSA leader in the field. This acquisition will significantly expand MACOM rate in more than 100G optical components and leading strength and can further enhance MACOM strength in the Japanese market. FiBest 50% of sales come from Japan.

MACON company CEO John Croteau said the acquisition of FiBest help MACOM get high-speed packaging capabilities enhance the MACOM in the field of optical devices competitive, which will help MACOM provide more valuable solutions for optical module customers. Performance of the optical components is critical data center with 100G optical module energy consumption and cost targets. FiBest product line will greatly enhance MACOM data center in 100G optical device market strength. 2017 will be the data center market with 100G optical device a turning year.

MACOM 2011 M & A chip optical module manufacturers Mindspeed, 2014 M & A InP optical chips manufacturers BinOptics. This acquisition marks a MACOM becoming a supplier of optical modules on the core technology further. They already have all the core elements of high-speed optical module.

MACOM this acquisition is expected to be completed in 2016 before the New Year.

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