Advantages of fiber access

1. capacity: fiber optic frequency, higher than the cable 8-9 orders of magnitude, so the development of large capacity.

2. attenuation: optical fiber attenuation per kilometer than the capacity of the largest telecommunications coax more than an order of magnitude lower.

3. Small size, light weight, is also conducive to construction and transportation.

4. Anti-interference good performance: the optical fiber from strong electricity, electrical signals and lightning interference. Anti-electromagnetic pulse is also very strong, good privacy.

5. saving non-ferrous metals: general communication cable to consume large amounts of copper, lead, or aluminum and other nonferrous metals. Optical fiber itself is non-metallic, the development of optical communications will save a lot of non-ferrous metals.

6. Expansion convenient: a bandwidth of 2Mbps standard fiber lines are easy to upgrade to 4M, 10M, 20M and 100M; therebetween without replacing any equipment.

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