Viavi release GigaStor ™ to expand the SDN test market

Former JDSU, now Viavi today announced the release of a new generation GigaStor ™ software version, to further expand its testing and monitoring solutions business in software-defined networks, and enhance virtual environments, cloud environmental services, optimize the user experience. With the GigaStor ™ advanced technology, network and server teams team can crawl and save the continuous flow of 250GB or 1TB, provide backup data for the depth of performance, forensic analysis. It is reported that, Viavi 2015VMworld conference will showcase the new software configuration.

Charles Thompson Viavi senior director of product management, said: "At present, IT team on track virtual server resource utilization and waste a lot of time due to the crawl reference data is very limited, these teams are usually not found in the application virtualization layer. Problems With GigaStor ™, engineers can see the virtual environment user application experience and service experience, including historical data and real-time data, both to reduce the time cost, and can help end users solve the relevant problems. "

If there is no auxiliary GigaStor ™, the engineer may have to spend hours repeatedly test to diagnose the cause of a network error. GigaStor ™ can obtain data packets directly from virtual switching infrastructure without the need to push data to the physical environment. Engineers can deploy it to any virtual host, to achieve long-term package-level layer collected and stored data, and the data can be decoded, data analysis and data display. In addition, GigaStor ™ can also provide all available data packets simultaneously for real-time analysis of the IT team to effectively improve troubleshooting accuracy and processing speed.

Whether in the VMware ESX host internal or in 10G, 40G Ethernet links which, with GigaStor ™ software and equipment, network teams can detect and analyze all of the virtual data center traffic.

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