US successfully developed white laser

Recent US research and development breakthroughs in optical communications award, the successful development of white laser and the successful development of new materials, is expected to bring ultrafast all-optical communications, optical communications industry again welcome the revolutionary events.

Since the 1960s the advent of the laser has been in a number of areas, "flourish", but it has been a short board, is the only issue single wavelength of light. Now, US scientists have solved this problem, they first developed a laser capable of emitting white light. The researchers said more bright white light laser capable of efficient than light-emitting diode (LED), the future will play an important role in lighting and wireless communications.

According to physicist organization network on July 30 reported that the US electronics, computer and energy engineering college of Arizona State University team led by political rather keep developed a novel nano-flakes. The size of the piece of thin semiconductor is only one fifth of a human hair, the thickness of only one-thousandth the thickness of a human hair, which has three parallel sections, each section can emit red, blue and green in one of the three primary colors color laser. The entire device can transmit all visible light laser, from red to green to blue, or any color in between, when the three primary colors "encounter", it appears white laser.

New research into the mainstream so that the laser light source to replace LED step forward. Laser brighter, more energy efficient and can provide a more accurate and vivid display of bright colors, can be used on the computer and television screens. The researchers also confirmed that their new device can emit display than the current industry standard of 70% more color.

Another important application of this study will be visible or communications, or future interior lighting system can also be used for communication. Scientists are currently developing a technology called "Li-Fi" (that is visible to wireless communications, optical pulses with fast wireless transmission of information). And now the "Wi-Fi" using radio waves. Li-Fi speeds can reach 10 times the Wi-Fi, and white laser Wi-Fi may be currently being developed LED-based Li-Fi are 10-100 times.

Although this concept is very important, but if we want to apply to this laser hair white within a real-life lighting or display systems, also face great obstacles. The researchers said the next key is to get the same white laser in battery driven. On the current demonstration, the researchers must use a laser to make the electronic light. The latest experiment will ultimately pave the way white laser under electrical operation.

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