ODN is an optical network based on PON equipment, mainly between OLT and ONU provide optical transmission channel. From the function points, ODN from the central office to the client can be divided into the feeder, wiring, home line subsystems and optical fiber cable terminal subsystem.

ODN network construction cost is relatively high, up to 50% to 70% of the total investment is FTTx investment focus. And also the difficulty of FTTx management. ODN use more P2MP topology, the network connecting nodes and more complex network management. Fiber sensitive than copper, more easily damaged. Therefore, ODN efficient construction, operation and maintenance of critical need an intelligent, accurate management solutions to ensure ODN network has been fully utilized, effective long-term investment protection.

As we see in the supermarket food and other commodities have the same bar code can be added in the fiber head tag of fiber for effective management, we call EODN; now this technology has become the major carriers and ITU-T, etc. standards organizations to discuss and focus.

Is it possible without changing the ODN passive features to address two core issues ODN managed to achieve ODN automated management?


Huawei proposed iODN (intelligent ODN) solutions. In iODN solution, ODN intelligence product adds the following features: Fiber identity management, port state collection, the port to find instructions, visualization tools PDA.

iODN solution enables automatic entry ODN fiber connection and management information to ensure accurate and timely information to synchronize inventory system. At the same time, through intelligent LED indication PDA visualization software and iODN device can achieve optical fiber Automation to Find, precise operation, which greatly improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, ODN network to achieve efficient operation and maintenance. In addition, based on iODN architecture, based on the inventory system can develop a variety of value-added applications, to achieve the construction, operation and maintenance of the whole process automation.


ZTE launched the "eODN (Easy ODN)", GIS geographic information systems and R intelligent identification system based on. ODN network cycle of the system in all aspects of planning, design, construction and maintenance, the pre-planning, construction and ongoing maintenance mid-effective to combine the use of contactless smart fiber management systems to improve efficiency and achieve the various departments to share information and to optical fiber seamless transfer, let ODN network construction has become a dynamic virtuous circle, to ensure its sustainable development.


FiberHome adhere to the actual situation from the traditional starting ODN design products, we proposed "sODN (smart ODN)" complete solution.

System fully into account the existing traditional ODN operation and maintenance characteristics, and strive to ensure that existing employees can easily adapt to new intelligent ODN intelligent management mode implementation. System combines low power consumption, long life, easy to maintain, by means of the new information to make ODN network to become an organic whole, improve customer perception.

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