Intelligent network: with data center downtime to say goodbye!

Internal data centers are quietly staged a revolution. Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) represents when the IT and data center facility features integration may reach success. Properly implemented, DCIM can improve energy efficiency, optimize the layout of physical equipment, improve strategic planning and enhanced resource availability.

DCIM not alone. The new IT trends are emerging - cloud computing, data center consolidation and in promoting business growth, enhance corporate profitability levels increasing dependence on IT, it has brought a strong impetus for the development of DCIM. In the joint effect of these factors, many companies began to transform the data center into a profit center.

Industry research firm Markets and Markets, said this trend is evolving into a huge potential business opportunities. According to the company it predicts that by 2017, global DCIM's value soared from $307 million in 2011 to $3.14 billion, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over 47%. In the massive data center storage with PB (petabytes) of data will be the main bank's DCIM's attempt. For the banks, productivity, business agility and cost-effectiveness has significant meaning in terms of return on investment.

For this reason, DCIM many large enterprises have become a hot topic. Not only manufacturers that, even if telecom operators, infrastructure providers, and even national and regional governments are worth singing carols. Users include Google, Japan Telecom, China Mobile, has confirmed that its new data center in Hong Kong will adopt DCIM solutions. At the same time, as the government began to promote the SAR in the data center as the focus of the many policy advantages, DCIM popularity is bound to accelerate the pace.

Although all aspects of society have been a lot of publicity for DCIM, but the real advantage is the DCIM - farewell downtime era. In fact, in the next five years, when the DCIM underutilized, "stop" and may even disappear from the IT vocabulary. How to achieve this goal? The answer lies in the intelligent network. With the intelligent network, CIO will be able to return at the center of the board environment, to create a highly reliable, sustainable and intelligent "always on" network.

Today, network intelligence from the hardware begins. For example, some current senior patch panel for each port provides a tracking buttons and LED is. The new generation of chassis, such as the US CommScope SYSTIMAX 360 iPatch G2 High-density fiber optic patch panel can automatically detect the Alpha / Beta module polarity, and send reports to the management software.
The new design, data-center as the focus of management software, such as SYSTIMAX imVision System Manager, you can implement port management. With these tools, data center IT professionals can quickly track existing connections, isolate potential problems and improve the availability, in order to achieve a true end to end connection management.

Like DCIM solution provides data center physical infrastructure visualization view 20/20, while providing details of the management and control functions, and provides real-time health status information infrastructure. In the near future, with automation, we can achieve optimal management based on business requirements and SLA. So that will be transformed into a higher return on investment, higher resource efficiency and greater operational flexibility, in today's highly competitive and challenging market environment, these three elements for enterprises of special significance.

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