2019 global operator SDN market spending will surge to $5.7 billion

Market research firm IHS recently pointed out by the service provider for network operators to enhance service flexibility and efficiency in order to remain competitive drive, it is expected to operators worldwide software-defined network (SDN) software, hardware and services market will grow from 2014 $103 million in 2019 soared to $5.7 billion.

IHS Carrier Networks senior research director Michael Howard said: "We are now still in the service provider network transformation to a software-defined network of early stage, which is expected lengthy transition period will last 10-15 years, although its momentum strong, but we will not see widespread commercial deployment in 2016 - the situation most of the network controlled by the SDN will take place in 2016-2020 years. "

IHS predicts that service providers around the world will increase its spending on SDN software in between 2015-2019, an increase of 15 times.

As the demand for professional and technical services SDN rising, operators now also learning the technical expertise in this area to suppliers.

IHS expects between 2014-2019 CAGR SDN project outsourcing services will reach 199%.

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