SPTN build for TD-LTE intelligent bearer network

4G era a variety of video, social networking and other diverse mobile services to the people's work and lives of great convenience, but also on the carrier's mobile bearer network brings higher requirements.

PTN is the traditional transmission technology and data fusion technology, located in the packet mobile carrier, has its unique design and value. In 2007, Huawei PTN first released the industry's first product, PTN formal stage of history. 2008-2009, China Mobile after the pilot scale in the domestic provinces, determine PTN as a new generation packet-based mobile backhaul solutions. With each PTN manufacturers continue to follow up and continue to invest, PTN industrial chain has entered a stage of rapid maturation. Up to now, more than hundreds of thousands of sets of PTN equipment has been widely deployed around the world, PTN has become one of the leading mobile carrier technology.

First, the existing PTN network Challenges:

With the continued development and facing the upcoming LTE, LTE-A and set-off Line service bearer, existing PTN network is also facing a lot of problems and challenges, such as:

The introduction of the core layer PTN 40GE, 100GE, access layer PTN 10GE and other large bandwidth and greater network scale equipment capability to bring great pressure; for the emergence of LTE and future set-off line network and other new business, the need to build a Zhang flexible automation bearer network to cope with the rising demand for EPC Pool, cloud services and so; LTE services across the Line services to market customer demand and moving fast opening, centralized network architecture to simplify the entire network operation and maintenance, more Manufacturer coordinated control between devices, would require PTN network with flexible and scalable architecture.

The main driving force for the development of the network from the customer's existing network traffic demands. PTN concepts and technologies need to keep going forward, to solve problems in the existing network infrastructure to meet the development needs of the future integrated LTE bearer network to help operators and enterprises to build a better bearer network.

Two, SPTN sources and inherited from the existing network PTN, it is the constant improvement of the existing network PTN

With accumulated technology in the field for many years and PTN mobile network packet deep understanding of the trend, Huawei in the 2013 China International Exhibition officially released SPTN solutions build for LTE / LTE-A and the new VIP private line service Smart PTN bearer network.

SPTN solutions from equipment, services, network three dimensions, to LTE and LTE-A carrier network to give a new definition. To accommodate future LTE rapid development of new applications emerging, PTN bearer network need to be more flexible capabilities and open architecture. In the device dimensions, we must have large capacity and superior specifications; in business dimensions, must support the intelligent service perception, visual service monitoring, intelligent business management business is fine; the network dimension, must provide on-demand adjustment, open innovation, effective coordination of the "intelligent network" capability, and for the evolution of SDN.

SPTN solutions proposed, not the existing network PTN of a disruptive change, but from the existing network, the existing network PTN continuous improvement and innovation, is an evolution of the direction of the PTN. PTN network now can grasp the rhythm, gradually evolve to SPTN.

PTN bearer network equipment capacity (extensive coverage 10GE access layer, the convergence of the core layer to 40GE, 100GE smooth upgrade large bandwidth, powerful networking capabilities of core equipment, etc.), business-oriented intelligent business management system, for the future The wide open PTN network architecture, can gradually improved based on the deepening of LTE construction. LTE business, set-off line and other kinds of new services and joint development of PTN bearer network, continue to promote PTN bearer network to SPTN rhythm, there is an evolutionary plan.

SDN evolution in the most critical aspect, PTN SPTN smooth evolution to also have a sound operability. For the mass of the existing network operators PTN equipment inventory, SPTN groundbreaking solutions proposed centralized network control and controller are two routes. Inventory equipment through the network to achieve centralized control SDN evolution; for new equipment, the use of the new controller using a standard interface for centralized control. On both, through cooperative is to collaborate, thus complete solution SDN evolution PTN entire network.

Three, SPTN is the next generation PTN, PTN network development direction

Huawei SPTN solutions focus "Super, Smart, Soft" core ideology, from equipment, services, network three dimensions, to LTE integrated bearer network gives new definition. SPTN solution matches the capacity of the equipment, operation and maintenance business and LTE era bearer network needs and other aspects of future network evolution, showing the direction and trend of the future development of PTN network. SPTN provide fast service to the operator deployment, LTE intelligent bearer network intelligent business management, centralized management simplifies maintenance and become the future direction of PTN network.

Huawei's innovative solutions SPTN, committed to build a flexible and open Smart LTE bearer network, Huawei reflects the profound technology accumulation in the PTN field and continuous innovation. SPTN based solutions, Huawei released the industry's first pilot product based SDN PTN 7900, to meet the new demands for LTE / LTE-A of PTN bearer network.

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