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With the vigorous development to accelerate and the internet, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other new technologies of China's information construction of new business, the scale of the rapid expansion of the communications network, the communications industry showed rapid growth of energy consumption. Ministry of Industry, to the end of 2015, a communication network to achieve the total telecom business unit comprehensive energy consumption decreased by 10% compared with the end of 2010.

FiberHome positive response to the call of the national energy conservation Ministry of Industry, continued to increase environmental protection equipment research and development efforts, through green innovation solutions and business models to vigorously promote the development of green communications. FiberHome full range of products in terms of energy conservation has excellent performance, including OTN series of energy saving products of the indicators are in a leading position in the communications industry. FiberHome OTN products from "green plan", "green technology", "green operations and maintenance" three aspects to implement save energy and low-carbon environmental protection requirements to green innovative products and solutions to help operators build sustainable development Green communications network.

"Green Plan"

"Green Plan" means the OTN consider energy-saving measures and programs in the planning stage, consider green energy-saving products in the architecture design, software design, power density, intelligent control. In the plan to take into account the problem of resource consumption unit index, selection and technical evolution of materials make full use of resources and so on. Achieve overall analysis of various factors, performance trade-offs, power consumption, evolution and other programming in the planning.

"Green Plan" of the specific implementation is divided into six areas.

First, a reasonable choice OTN electrical cross capacity: Considering the contradictions and large cross-slot bandwidth and the capacity of small particles between business and node traffic to adapt. Demand and slot backplane bandwidth design tradeoffs business diversity.

Second, environmentally friendly materials and efficient software design: recyclable biodegradable materials, and improve resource utilization through the design and optimization software.

Third, the intelligent interface control and energy saving chip: intelligent interface control reduce power consumption, the use of energy-saving chip to improve resource utilization.

Fourth, the green evolution: Planning existing OTN platform upgrade function to ensure that existing investments in the future can be fully utilized. PEOTN OTN is the future direction of development, PEOTN centralized ODUk / packet / VC cross optical cross. OTN and packet services that fuse efficiently, reducing stacking; centralized cross, reduce power consumption; reduce the number of core router interface, reducing capacity requirements. CAPEX savings throughout the network.

Fifth, to enhance integration, the overall decrease in energy consumption: the flames of 10G client-side and line-side interface unit 10 provides an interface for the largest, 2.5G following client-side interface provides 16 single-disc biggest port, electrical cross sub-frame provides a maximum service slots 54 slots, enhance product integration can effectively reduce energy consumption.

Sixth, 100G green design: 100G optical disc industry's highest level of integration forwards, only two slots, 100G transceiver one OTU power (soft-decision FEC) is less than 160W, 100G platform FONST 5000 maximum power consumption of 6500W.

"Green technology"

"Green technology" is through the use of energy-saving mode, efficient and reasonable software design, intelligent service interface control, real-time environmental monitoring, smart fan design, more technology to achieve green energy. Specifically divided into four areas.

First, using IEEE 802.3az-2010 standard: the use of low-power chips, reduce circuit losses, significantly lower power chips and systems to reduce by 50% the physical layer, 70% to 80% of system level power consumption.

Second, the use of on-chip SRAM Stand-by mode: SRAM chip area accounted for more than 90%, so that the free SRAM enters Stand-by mode, the dynamic power consumption is almost zero.

Third, the use of advanced production technology: using 45nm production process, about 40 percent lower than 90nm power consumption of conventional ways to reduce power consumption.

Fourth, the core chip laser control: turns off when idle laser data transmission side, thereby reducing the overall power consumption of the device.

"Green operation and maintenance."

"Green operation and maintenance" refers to green OTN product operation and maintenance savings for carriers to deploy part of the energy consumption. It is divided into six areas.

First, the product of high reliability system design, flexible and diverse network protection and recovery tools, thus reducing manpower and resources invested.

Second, unified network management OTN M2000 system. Intuitive graphical interface, fast and efficient mode of operation, improve reporting statistics, fine-end fault and performance management, to help the network operate efficiently.

Third, the software modular design, optimized database, the function can be configured to turn off redundant functions, operational cost savings, end to end multi-service access platform.

Fourth, a platform for a variety of access methods, to avoid duplication of network resource consumption caused.

Fifth, the rational design of efficient and safe OTN network. Dedicated by the flames OTN planning staff OTNP software, can automatically calculate line attenuation, the control dispersion tolerance, the wavelength rational allocation, a key to configure the optical device.

Sixth, a reasonable choice of cross particle design. Using ODU2 scheduling, each site is a business channel, ease of maintenance and management, to give a one-time site deployment 8 GE business and meet long-term business needs.

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