What is the SDN?

Software-defined networking (Software Defined Network, SDN), is a new kind of network innovation Emulex network architecture, network virtualization is an implementation of its core technology OpenFlow network devices through the control and data planes separated, in order to achieve the flexible control of network traffic, the network as a conduit to become more intelligent.


SDN architecture typical of three layers. The upper one is the application layer, including a variety of services and applications; middle control layer, is responsible for processing the data plane resource scheduling, maintaining the network topology and status information; the underlying infrastructure layer, is responsible for the data stream based on the table processing, forwarding and status collector.

The main advantage of SDN as follows: standardization of hardware, reducing system hardware requirements, in order to achieve cost reductions; intelligent network management fully realized by the software to improve the ease of operation; simplifies network configuration process can rapid opening of new business.

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