Soft fiber optic cable

The definition of soft cable

Cable from the use of the environment can be divided into outdoor and indoor fiber optic cables, indoor cables use of fiber-reinforced materials or very thin reinforcing member, the outer diameter of the smaller, flexible, and easy to bend, suitable for indoor or space smaller occasions wiring. But with the ever-changing cable applications, in the traditional sense of its structure indoor cable or fiber optic cable and similar materials often used for outdoor or other specific circumstances, so in order to more scientific definition of such products, suggested that it be defined as "soft cable ", its application areas include optical connector, FTTH, military field and sensing.

Soft cable Product Categories

Soft cable classification there are many, can be classified in terms of applications, application scenarios, product structure, from the point of view of applications, mainly divided into three categories:

(1) FTTH with a soft optical cable, such as: butterfly cable, drop cable, optical cable and other tree

(2) with a soft optical cable for connecting devices, such as: single cable, dual cable, flat ribbon cable, etc.

(3) Other Special soft cable: Military field cable, fiber optic cable station pull away, blowing micro-optic cable, optical cable and other sensor

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