2014-2020 global fiber-optic beam expander CAGR of 9%

Research and Markets research firm released a report, 2014-2020, the global fiber-optic beam expander compound annual growth rate of 9%.

The report said that because of the growing demand for optical components, in particular to improve the laser processing system, the efficiency and effectiveness of communications systems, fiber optic beam expander global market is experiencing high rates of growth.

Meanwhile, the rapid expansion of the telecommunications industry, fiber optic transmission and access networks is one of the main markets to promote sustained growth. 2020, private data communications, cable television, special areas and instrumentation areas are fiber optic beam expander major application market.

From suppliers, European companies are the world's leading supplier of fiber optic beam expander, including Swiss Diamond SA, American Thor laboratory Thor Labs, Luxembourg Qioptiq, Edmund Optics United States, US Micro Laser Systems Inc., Lumetrics, Germany Sill Optics, Jena optics, Lithuania Optolita UAB and the like.

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