The main factors of the fiber attenuation

The main factors causing the fiber attenuation: intrinsic, bending, extrusion, impurities, uneven and docking.

Intrinsic: inherent loss of optical fiber, including: Rayleigh scattering, intrinsic absorption.

Bend: the curved portion of the fiber within the fiber due to scattering of light is lost, resulting in losses.

Extrusion: produce slight bending the fiber squeeze caused by wear and tear.

Impurities: impurities absorb the optical fiber and the propagation of light scattering in the optical fiber, losses.

Uneven: the refractive index of the fiber material loss caused by uneven.

Docking: loss generated when optical docking, such as: different axes (single-mode fiber coaxial requirement is less than 0.8μm), the end face of the axis is not perpendicular to the end face of injustice, butt diameter does not match the heart and poor weld quality.

When the light incident from one end of the optical fiber, is emitted from the other end, the intensity of light will diminish. This means that the optical signal propagation through the optical fiber, optical attenuation part. This shows that the fiber has certain substances or for some reason, an optical signal through the barrier. This is the transmission loss of the optical fiber. Only reduce fiber loss, in order to make the optical signal unimpeded.

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