2015--2019 fiber optic test equipment market of China 6.32% annual growth

Infiniti foreign well-known research firm predicts that 2015-2019, China fiber optic test equipment market is expected compound annual growth rate of 6.32 percent.

Fiber Test Equipment (FOTE) is an electro-optical apparatus, the laser light source and detector, used in the performance of the optical fiber. Fiber optic test equipment can only be connected to one end of the fiber, perform multiple tests to test the defects and failures. Fiber optic test equipment can also determine the number of signal loss in a single fiber or whole at any point in the network. Fiber optic test equipment is widely used in network construction, service providers and operators to set up each component to identify the fiber network to identify potential problems or faults.

The report notes that China's major end-users can be divided into fiber optic test equipment, communications, cable television and other areas (government and corporate services). The focus of the market participants include the United States Agilent Technologies, Ai Sifu Canada, the United States Jie Di hearing.

According to the report, the main driver of fiber optic test equipment market is the fiber optic cable network replacement is increasing. Market development trend of the future R & D investment is growing, the main challenge facing infrastructure in emerging markets fiber optic network restricted.

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