Infineon RPR chip solution

Infineon of FreaTM PoS Framer / RPR MAC IC is the industry's first draft protocol IEEE 802.17 RPR (Resilient Packet Ring) version 2.1-compliant 10G RPR chip, which is the Infineon existing optical networking solutions the latest addition.

Infineon said the product integrates the previous IC requires a minimum of four to complete the function, with a high degree of integration, thus greatly reducing the cost of user equipment, power consumption, size, and complexity of the software and hardware design.

RPR technology support high-speed optical network system Ethernet communication, the launch of the Infineon chip can complete PoS (Packet-over-SONET) into frame unit, RPR MAC (Media Access Control) and XAUI SerDes (serializer / deserializer string) function, which are necessary for the deployment of RPR in the metro and wide area networks. At the same time, the chip built-in 1MB of memory, support for 16-bit 800MHz SPI-4.2 and 4 3.125GHz XAUI interface, so when configuring RPR, no need for external SerDes products can connect two chips together.

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