What is OXC?

OXCOXC (optical cross-connect) is a both multiplexing, wiring, protection / restoration, monitoring, and versatile OTN network transmission equipment, OADM OXC function can be viewed as a simplified structure.

OXC concept

For general transport network, OXC is not a necessary network elements (such as network topologies with a ring or chain, and its protection and restoration programs are also based at the ring), its necessity and importance depending on network scale, planners protection / recovery strategy and network reliability requirements and other factors. However, the entire transport network, the network must be flexible in order to provide configuration capabilities and a smaller cost of redundancy (including lines and equipment) have the necessary protection / recovery, you must configure OXC devices in the network, and once in the network OXC equipment is adopted, it must be at the center position in the network, it has become the core of the network elements. OXC network basic purpose is to conduct automated traffic grooming, the focus in the network.

The main function of OXC

1. To provide wavelength-based semi-permanent cross-connection function;br /> 2. wavelength channel can be configured to optimize network fiber resources;
3. When the network fails, providing rapid reconfiguration of the network;
4. optimize network traffic based on the change;
5. Try to allow operators are free to use a variety of signal formats (ie try to keep clear of the network).

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