U-TubeTM ultrafine blowing microcable

U-TubeTM ultrafine blowing microcable, the product with innovative design and superior process control technology, effectively increasing the fiber density, improve the efficiency of resource use pipeline.

Compared to ordinary Stranded cable, U-TubeTM ultrafine blowing Microcable product pipeline resource utilization improved to 70%, 75% reduction in weight; ordinary blowing microcable compared to, U-TubeTM product pipeline resources utilization increased by 20% reduction in weight by 25%. At the same time, by virtue of its superior air blowing performance can be achieved in three standard (including IEC, the European standard, the domestic industry standards) blowing in the air blowing from the test site over 1.5km. U-TubeTM products with excellent value for money, easy and convenient branch expansion, the pipeline can be optimized resource utilization efficiency, shorten the construction period, lower construction costs.

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