OFC2015: WDM-PON alternative market

AEPONYX is a WDM-PON Systems from Montreal, Canada. This year's show editor for WDM-PON has a little surprise. In addition to publicly display their Huawei WDM-PON system, optical passive device company Shanghai Xiang also exhibited in the face of the WDM-PON WDM modules.

First say that, regardless of AEPONYX or Huawei, their first sight of WDM-PON is not a traditional FTTx access market, but other. Huawei declared their WDM-PON more lanes for use in corporate networks and 4G LTE applications such prequel, AEPONYX told edit their WDM PON used in the data center interconnect.

Let me talk about Huawei WDM PON their claims to adopt two new technologies. One is called automatic wavelength-locked laser wavelength-independent technology, to address the use of fixed-wavelength laser service provisioning and inventory problems. After the second is the use of a similar high density QSFP package integration technologies, higher mounting density OLT's. From Huawei's press release, the so-called wavelength independent Huawei should use a tunable laser. This makes editing immediately think of this market-oriented Zhejiang Lante Pu. And editor at the time and AEPONYX chat, they are also considering the use of Lante Pu tunable lasers. Zhejiang Lante Pu seems this market position is very good.

Traditionally, everyone thinks that the best WDM PON development should be South Korea, but the Korean manufacturers seem to not have the product. Touches AEPONYX two years the news constantly. WDM PON for this new company from Montreal, Canada, edited curious. The company's founder and CTO Francois D. Menard told the editor, AEPONYX of A representative of Active, E Ethernet, Y is Lambda, represents wavelength, X on behalf of the cross-connect. Their company name on behalf of their products for the purpose. Why is this company can be born in Montreal? Francois said that Canada Montreal is a great place for data center construction, where there was more than 40 data centers. AEPONYX start from a local science and technology cooperation program. He graduated from the University of Sherbrooke prestigious research in the field of telecommunications. The WDM PON used within the data center is to directly address the tensions within the data center fiber resources. This editor a little skeptical, but Francois firmly told edit, optical fiber data center resources more scarce, WDM PON promising. The OFC, AEPONYX focused exhibition is to 10G WDM PON products. Francois Menard, said in a press release, the new competitive launch tunable optical modules allow the introduction of standardized fully interoperable applications of single fiber WDM-PON solutions possible.

AEPONYX renewed escalation of WDM-PON central office multiplexing demultiplexer, WDM-PON remote node and other products, and built to support single fiber WDM filter applications. Use their Colornode C / 2 and C / 2 WDM filter can support single fiber deployment simple and economical. Their WDM-PON can be superimposed on existing GPON systems, to improve the transmission capacity of existing GPON systems of more than 160 times. If you insert a CFP-2 ACO coherent optical modules, their WDM PON system can also support 100Gbps applications.

Francois ambitious allows editing remember the discussion of WDM PON market years ago when the interview Ignis. Ignis is a Montreal company's operations there. Perhaps the city with WDM PON have any special links. GPON year first applications in the mobile backhaul, now WDM PON open market if the data center interconnect, it is not surprising.

This report is aimed at small equipment manufacturers show. Having WDM PON, we have to mention that the other. Chengdu Oufei Ling was originally a company to develop optical modules. But in this OFC, they exhibited more small fiber optic line protection equipment, especially their SOA Tap a device called integrated multi-channel semiconductor optical amplifiers in a 1U rack, is impressive.

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