Italian operators to invest 6.4 billion euros to push fiber broadband plan

Recently, the three telecom operators in Italy Metroweb, Vodafone and Wind will launch cooperation disclose deployment of a national fiber optic network plan.

The national fiber optic network deployment plan will also have the intention to join other businesses open. But the three companies were not disclosed further information about the range of network construction, but also did not give a timetable. The companies said only in accordance with the ultra-fast broadband plans to build the network of the Italian Government.

In February this year, according to media reports that the Italian government is considering the introduction of a budget of up to 4 billion euros (about 28.331 billion yuan) of fiber stimulus plan, the latter may be an additional 2.4 billion euros, it aims to increase domestic fiber optic network coverage.

At present, the domestic fixed-line market in Italy is facing a variable. Vodafone and Telecom Italia are on the acquisition of Metroweb showed great interest, which has a 7200-kilometer fiber-optic network in Milan. Previously, Vodafone has tentatively been Fastweb lipped intent to acquire the latter. But Fastweb rejected Vodafone's offer. It is reported that, Metroweb being planned in 100 Italian cities to launch fiber.

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