FTTH difficult five crux, light copper binding or a recipe

In March 2012 the Ministry of Industry has announced plans to achieve nationwide coverage FTTH 35 million households in the year, but a dream awake, "fiber to the home is difficult," "Broadband is not wide," the problem did not get solved. The implementation of the light to change so that Chinese netizens project was eagerly looking forward to, but the reality is cruel, slow process of reforming the unbearable, too many users expressed anger and dissatisfaction. China's broadband network construction shortcomings presented more worrying, rectification imminent. FTTH really that difficult? What is the reason? There is no solution?

Originally a technician can hold 10 ADSL broadband every day, the light changed only a day to complete two.

Fiber to the home, a stumbling block too much.

1, high-care costs, expensive charges, operators, equipment manufacturers, users tripartite coordination difficult;

2, property slotting allowance, the operator, the property is difficult to coordinate the two sides;

3, most of the building, the old district no internal embedded fiber optic lines, which makes the transformation more difficult and more time consuming to install;

4, after the light changed, fixed must be connected to the power supply, the power went out in a hurry very tangled;

5, some people need some people do not need, it is difficult unified, carrier pressure.

Of course, in China this population, the relationship between a complex environment, there will be this kind of problem, fiber to the home difficult, already reasonable.

Expert Weapon: "Light copper" Combined, hybrid deployment

Earlier reports said that, in addition to improving network speed through fiber transformation, utilizing copper technology also enables certain bandwidth of 12M, or 16M. There is also news that a foreign telecommunications equipment manufacturers announced last year new technology "VDSL2 Vectoring" has been achieved under the conditions of the use of copper, the family of bandwidth up to 100M.

In this regard, communications Standards Institute Ministry of Industry and Telecommunications Research Institute, deputy director Li Ao said that the current building is not embedded inside most of the fiber-optic lines, fiber to the home to a large scale, it means to be in an existing building internal re-laying of fiber optic cable. Fiber itself impatience tension and bending characteristics, determine the layout of the optical fiber is much more difficult than copper. He believes that "fiber + copper" combinations can be used as an important reference and select the current broadband construction.

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