How to identify the fiber quality is good or bad

As we all know, in the network cabling, since much lower light transmission loss in optical fibers than the electrical conduction losses in wires, fiber has frequently been used as the information transmission over long distances. But there are a lot of people do not know how to distinguish between good and bad quality of the fiber. Today, 10Gtek transceiver here and from five aspects you elaborate on how to identify the fiber quality is good or bad.

1, loose tube
Loose tube fiber optic cable installed with the general use of PBT polymer materials (polyethylene terephthalate), such as loose tube high strength, deformation and aging. Loose tube cable is of poor quality and sometimes substitute other materials, diameter thin, hand pinch on the flat, and drinking straws same, can not afford the protective effect of fiber.

2. Wire
The cable wire is mainly used to protect the optical fiber from mechanical tension. Good cable typically use high modulus phosphide steel wire, short-term rally is 1500N or 3000N. The poor quality cable will use a small diameter wire or wire instead of the ordinary, so that one easily rust; on the other hand, due to the tensile strength far less than 1500N, when construction could strain the fiber. High modulus phosphide steel wire general was gray, good toughness, easy to bend; and replacement of wire and other general kneading can be bent and a long time in the hands of two hanging cable box will rust break.

3, steel, aluminum
Cable in steel, aluminum is mainly used to protect the fiber from mechanical side pressure, moisture and other effects, better cable will generally use chrome strip. Low-quality fiber optic cable to rust treatment done on only one side of ordinary metal or called black (uncoated steel), replacing chrome strip, over time, will appear in the corroded cable, fiber optic hydrogen loss will increase, and because its easy to constitute a separate integrated sheath bonded sheath, tidal performance is very poor; some places instead of tinned steel chrome strip, tin strip surface of vaginal discharge, bubbles, etc. is inevitable, so the humid atmosphere and surface condensation or flooding conditions, prone to corrosion, especially corrosion faster under acidic conditions. Tin layer poor heat resistance, melting 232 degrees Celsius only, applications when due to high temperature extrusion jacket, making peeling strength uncertainty affecting the cable moisture resistance. The melting point of chromium up to 1900 degrees Celsius, chemically very stable at room temperature in air or immersed in water will not rust, corrosion resistance is very good, because the surface passivation layer is formed so easy oxidation resistance to environmental good performance. Aluminum is generally appear unqualified thermal paste method instead of coating aluminum casting aluminum qualified film, which will also affect cable performance.

4, jacket
Cable sheath is necessary to adapt to many different complex climatic conditions, but also to ensure the long-term (at least 25 years) stability. Cable jacket not only have a certain strength, low thermal deformation, abrasion, water permeability, heat-recoverable and friction coefficient, but also resistance to the environment should be strong, good materials performance and processing characteristics. Less or with poor sheathing material will appear after though through factory acceptance, but the quality defects period of time cracking, water seepage, if the use of recycled plastics to replace quality polyethylene jacket material is more serious. Made of high-quality fiber optic cable sheathing materials, after a cable jacket smooth and bright, uniform thickness, no bubbles, otherwise there will be cable coarse skin phenomenon, and because many impurities in the raw materials, a closer look can be found in the cable jacket has a lot of very small Hang wow, and because thin, the entire outer diameter of the cable is much smaller than the high-quality fiber optic cable. Indoor fiber optic cable, usually made of high quality flame retardant PVC, appearance should be smooth, bright, good flexibility, easy to peel; otherwise there will be poor skin finish, easy and sleeve fiber, aramid adhesion phenomena.

5, ointment
There are cream and ointment fiber cable cream, under normal circumstances, should fill the entire fiber loose tube cream, ointment cable cable should be filled every crevice of the cable core under pressure. Now there is sufficient fiber paste or less half-full approach, then there is only cable cream in the core layer outside wiping, while others are not sufficient charge in the middle of the cable ends. This will make optical fibers are not well protected, affect the transmission performance of optical fiber attenuation, poor water resistance less than the national standard, once the cable accidental seepage will cause the whole link seepage scrapped. And under normal circumstances, even if the accident repair of seepage water seepage also only some can, and you do not need to start over. (National standard water-blocking performance: three meters of fiber optic cable, one meter of water pressure twenty-four hours without water seepage) will also appear if the above problems with poor ointment, and the ointment may be due to poor thixotropic , will cause microbending loss optical fiber, the entire link transmission characteristics of failure; analysis of molecular hydrogen evolution reaction if H ointment and cable acidic will occur in metallic materials, and fiber attenuation increases rapidly in case of H, causing the entire link interrupt transmission.

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