Calix NG PON2 platform launched in North America FTTH Assembly

Broadband access network equipment manufacturers Calix recently said it would increase the NG-PON2 TWDM function of its E7 Ethernet Service Access Platform series NG-PON2 4-way 10Gbps wavelength supports the gradual upgrade from the current GPON to 10G PON and WDM PON.

Calix indicates NG-PON2 technology supports both fixed and tunable wavelength in two models, and will be publicly displayed two models this fall. Market research firm Broadbandtrends representation of Teresa Mastrangelo , Calix fiber access in the field has a long history in this area have made many contributions. They launched the next generation of PON products not surprising. NG-PON2 will become the future of PON network standard. Calix has been ready for it.

Calix will showcase this product at FTTH Conference in North America this week.

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