Nufern Introduces New erbium ytterbium co-doped fiber

Nufern Inc. today announced the expansion of its fiber optic EyeSAFE product line by introducing two new erbium ytterbium co-doped fiber. These new products provide the most advanced erbium ytterbium co-doped glass component technology and proprietary NuCOAT-FA Nufern low refractive index coating technology.

EyeSAFE product line includes Er-Yb operating band for the 1550 co-doped fiber, as well as the application of 2μm thulium and holmium-doped fiber. These latest dual-clad erbium ytterbium co-doped fiber to 1.0μm band spurious suppression ASE optimized to ensure the highest efficiency and output power of the pump. Nufern new single-mode erbium-ytterbium co-doped fiber has 6μm fiber core diameter, is used in low-power fiber amplifiers ideal fiber. The new multi-mode erbium-ytterbium co-doped fiber having a 10μm core diameter and a numerical aperture of 0.21, can achieve more than 10W of output power and extremely low 1.0μm of ASE.

Kanishka Tankala vice president fiber business statement to: "These new erbium ytterbium co-doped fiber has a very high efficiency, improve the level of power output while maintaining low 1.0μm ASE, it is the most outstanding of a commercial type of fiber optic products. These two fiber can help end users to develop the next generation of high-power fiber amplifier. combined NuCOAT-FA Nufern's proprietary coating technology, these fibers work in the eye-safe wavelength can bring better Reliability. "

The new erbium ytterbium co-doped fiber MM-EYDF-10/125-XP performance:



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