Optical network virtualization

With the deepening of SDON technology research, industry and gradually discover Optical Network virtualization is a major part of the basis and premise-based open control SDON also SDON inside the controller can not be missing. For SDON technology, network virtualization is an important part of the support network of diverse structures, network architecture supports simultaneous multi-carrier presence. It supports a range of open programmable network interface and create a virtual abstraction layer for the network physical layer device. Abstraction layer allows the user to control and change the appropriate network status, and shields the user from the physical layer of the network operation and use complex, allowing users to deploy new applications more easily on an abstract level, thereby enhancing application flexibility.

The main difference SDON in network virtualization and broad network virtualization is the ability to virtualize the subject. Often, people think SDN data network capabilities from a single, isolated disparate hardware platforms, and in the form of a virtual machine to manage these components. The SDON Network virtualization will make these simplifications, generalization. For example: Shielded physical plane details and automate planning, configuration, management, optimization and protection and restoration. Manual processes and planning processes also to the evolution of virtualization, automation and increased flexibility enables operators to reduce high-level workloads, placing the lower level, including optoelectronics levels.

In SDON architecture system, optical network virtualization main aims: the physical layer of optical network infrastructure virtualization, and then complete the optical network services abstraction and encapsulation, services and physical layer network infrastructure will provide separation , for the upper user programmable, definable virtual layer optical networks. Can have a profound impact on the future development of optical networks, operators can pass to an open application layer user interface, the optical network infrastructure control to the application layer user. According to the user's level of competence, some or all of the network resources open virtual layer optical networks, allowing users to virtual optical network resources available on the basis, according to their need for access and control - allows users to integrate their own definition of network resources to achieve "The optical network resources as a service" technology concept OAAS of.

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