SDON technology advantages and characteristics

SDON technology has three major advantages. First, it can effectively solve the interconnection between heterogeneous networks. Through OpenFlow and other related agreements to expand the development of object-oriented interactive control interface enables heterogeneous network information abstraction and cross-layer network control integration, resulting in the access network and the core network, data networks and optical networks, cable networks and between the radio network set up with a unified control system of the new heterogeneous network architectures. Second, the arrangement of optical network to meet user needs. For flexibility in the use of network equipment, operations and sales, and it enables users to faster achieve the desired services. Third, SDON can bring optical network resource virtualization management. It can cover the entire range of network equipment OTN products to better play the advantages of network infrastructure resources, through open unified resource management platform that allows the use of network resources optimized. It features multi-domain SDON aspect of hierarchical control architecture mainly as follows:

1, the whole structure is divided into four levels: APP application layer, Orchestrator total control layer, single domain controller layer, and Optical Network device layer.

2, NBI focus APP application layer interfaces with Orchestrator total controller uses Restful interface mechanism. Restful mechanism architectural style draws WEB services, with no state, to achieve simple and efficient, loosely coupled, scalable and other technical advantages, so as to achieve open control SDON of NBI, programmable, definable and other technical characteristics, provides a natural technology support.

3, SBI interfaces single domain controller layer and between the layers of optical networking equipment and OTN networks as much as possible compatible WASON earlier deployed to ensure network interoperability SDON these network devices, better meet the smooth deployment of business operators upgrade, gradual evolution of ideas.

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