OTN is the best choice for the development of transport network technology

OTN for the application of new technology, but its development has been years of history, has matured. ITU-T from 1998 started the OTN series of standards development, by 2003 the main standard is basically sound, logical interface such as OTN G.709, OTN physical interfaces G.959.1, equipment standards G.798, jitter standard G.8251 protection switching standards G.873.1 and so on. In addition, for OTN-based control plane and management plane, ITU-T has completed the development of appropriate primary specification.

In addition to improving the standard addition, in recent years, OTN technology equipment and testing instruments, it is also rapid progress. Mainstream transmission equipment manufacturers are generally supportive of one or more types of OTN equipment. In addition, the mainstream delivery instrument firms generally can support OTN functionality of the instrument.

With powered and OTN technology business achieved rapid development and growing maturity, OTN test technology has been applied topically or business network. In the United States and Europe, a relatively large network operators such as Verizon, Deutsche Telekom and so has established a G.709 OTN network, as a new generation delivery platform. Expected in the next few years, OTN will usher in large-scale development.

Foreign operators the ability to support the OTN transmission network interface is generally clear demand has been proposed, but the actual network applications ROADM equipment which form the main places, mainly the cost and maintenance of network size and other factors closely associated with network management. Domestic carriers for the development and application of OTN technology is also quite concerned about, from the beginning of 2007, China Telecom, China Netcom and former China Mobile Group and so has undertaken applied research and test validation OTN technology, but the network is also part of the province Local deployed by cross-layer based on OTN equipment OTN-based transport pilot network technology, network node, there ROADM-based OTN equipment. Due to the high cost of ROADM relative to the current maintenance system for maintenance, so ROADM just some operators were using small-scale experiments, and based on cross-layer OTN equipment has been used commercially in large scale China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, radio and television and other major carriers, as well as Southern Power, China Petrochemical and other large private networks.

As the best choice for the development of transport network technology, can be expected in the near future, OTN technology will be more widely used as carriers to create a superior network platform to expand business market the technology of choice.

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