PMC metro OTN help China achieve 400G and OTN switching technology

Recently, PMC has released its newest DIGI-G4-- latest generation of OTN chip. PMC Chinese R & D Center for Communication Products Division Director Zhang Tianyu introduced to, DIGI-G4 is the first industry's highest density single-chip, can support 400G. Further integration of a large number of equipment manufacturers put the device on the board, resulting in a large power cost increases, while DIGI-G4 to peripheral devices incorporate internal, so that each port 100G power by 50%.

Interview, PMC DIGI-G4 product line manager Kevin representation, PMC developed this chip is completely respond to the needs of the market, that the rapid growth of bandwidth, the bandwidth will double every two years, which in the world are Such a trend. On the other hand, 100G become the standard has become a trend, this standard mainly in the backbone network, including China Mobile, China Telecom is largely concentrated in such a network backbone, certainly in terms of the operators to the metro, these bandwidth from the metro to the demand increase network access, metro bottleneck is additionally backbone.

In addition to bandwidth requirements, is the data center needs. Kevin stressed that large scale data centers, they are to complete the interconnection between the data centers. DIGI-G4 chip design at the beginning of this just like Google, AMAZON have conducted technical exchanges, they are particularly urgent need is encrypted. Light layer of encryption is not enough, mainly because we have to have encryption in the business layer, we DIGI-G4 chip encryption can be done in the 100G OTN, not only in 100G encryption, I can rate the operational level in my son's entire 100G You can be encrypted.

Zhang Tianyu said, OTN switching is actually OTN electrical cross concept think back 45 years ago when the mainstream use in backbone OTN, or one of the technical support line, in fact, a few years ago that is electrically OTN Cross into the mainstream over the past few years, we can see that a carrier is a strategy they deploy the branch line from the previous one turned into OTN switching, China at the forefront, China's leading OTN deployment in the world, We see in the world is a very clear trend in the world's top ten operators have nine full deployment of OTN electrical cross-based network, see the full flexibility of this technology to operators on services.

Currently, the chip supplier in terms of providing light to the equipment manufacturers a chip is not enough, cost pressures down the pressure from the operator level, for equipment operators in terms of R & D investment is controlled, previously invested heavily in software research and development team We do such a transmission device is unrealistic, so a lot depends on chip manufacturers, can have a complete package in the release of the chip at the same time available to them so that they can be completed within a short period of their development.

Zhang Tianyu finally said, PMC continues to invest in software, accounting for the company's software engineers than hardware engineers now, we offer a very complete package, and after the actual deployment verification, to reduce secondary research equipment manufacturers.

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