Optical interconnects: follow "actinic" trend lifeline

If the light sensor is to support all interconnected neural networks, the optical interconnection is supporting all interconnected lifeline.

We know that broadband Internet, on the one hand depends on the broadband high-speed backbone network, on the other hand relies on large volumes of data center, and the data center is needed in the short-distance high-capacity dense data exchange and transfer.

The traditional use of copper electrical interconnect data centers which have been difficult to meet the demand for high-speed bulk data transfer and exchange. Then the high-capacity data center, how to meet such high-speed short-range intensive data exchange and transfer it?

Now widely recognized by the scientific community is the use of active optical cable (AOC). AOC applications first, data centers and high-performance computers, both have to use a lot of servers connected to each other (computing unit), routers (switching unit) and memory (storage unit), "In the world ranking of the Milky Way computer for example, it has thousands of computing units and switching units, requiring high-speed low-power interconnect, and AOC can satisfy these needs. "

With the advent of the era of big data development and application scenarios, AOC will become the main form of ultra-wideband interconnection, the market will gradually grow.

Because the technology development and background, from communications to interconnected world, is forming a "actinic" trend: the long-distance backbone network, to the access network, fiber to the home, to the LAN and between racks connection, which is already the world of light; and from between machines, between the circuit board, and then between the integrated circuit chip, have gradually become electrically connected by optical interconnects.

In this "actinic" trend in active optical cable (AOC) with its high transfer rate, low energy consumption, high mounting density, low crosstalk, long connection distance or time delay, anti-electromagnetic interference and other prominent advantages , will play an increasingly important role in the interconnection between the racks, between the machine and the circuit board in between.

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