POL - Passive Optical LAN

Shanghai Bell POL program uses GPON passive optical LAN technology, based 7360 ISAM FX optical access products, can provide FTTD, WIFI backhaul, video surveillance, LTE small base station backhaul (MBH) and other diverse businesses POL deployment scenarios and flexible to meet the diverse corporate office network deployment requirements.

For enterprise network deployment features, Shanghai Bell POL Passive Optical LAN solution provides a variety of ONU equipment for business users to choose. For example, voice, data needs, the user can select I-240G-D voice and data coverage for WIFI backhaul, the user can choose to WIFI AP 040P support POE power supply or SFP ONT supports direct access to the new generation 802.11ac AP.

In order to meet the security needs of enterprise users, Shanghai Bell POL resolve outstanding security program implemented security enhancements made in the dimension of the physical layer, the Ethernet layer, IP layer, and management levels, etc., to solve the user's worries.

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