2016 China Telecom Solutions XG-PON1 interoperability

Currently, China Mobile added, broadband access market is highly competitive. China Telecom and China Unicom have copper resources are not willing to discard, so broadband network construction development should consider both asset protection. China Mobile is no copper "burden", and funded with strong competitiveness. Faced with the impact of China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom efforts to strengthen the construction of FTTH.

As the main force of China Telecom FTTH in the past few years, we have begun a gradual transition from the access technology G / EPON to 10G-EPON. Recent China Telecom's 2015 Central Purchasing PON equipment, including one million 10G EPON port, close to the G / EPON port level.

XG-PON is the next generation of GPON evolution of technology. Judgment based on practical needs and technology maturity, FSAN NG-PON evolution of the definition of planning is divided into two stages: XG-PON1 and NG-PON2. XG-PON1 medium-term evolution of PON, focusing on the study of both existing GPON ODN laying next generation standards.

10G EPON interoperability has been resolved, the current focus is to reduce equipment costs. XG-PON1 current focus is to promote interoperability, China Telecom will launch in the second half of 2015, 2016, respectively, and interoperability testing different vendors OLT ONU (SFU / HGU) devices, target solve interoperability in 2016, the scale of 2017 Commercial technical preparedness.

For China Telecom, XG-PON is insurmountable stage. Within three years, is expected to TWDM PON (NG-PON2) in standard equipment maturity, cost, interoperability and other aspects not yet reached the large-scale commercial level. China Telecom will organize XG-PON interoperability testing, as the Point XG-PON technology matures.

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