Chinese PON equipment revenue to break $ 1 billion mark for Q2

IHS company reported that in 2015 Q2 worldwide broadband aggregation devices (DSL, PON, Ethernet and fiber to the home) revenues increased 12%, an increase of 11%. GPON growth largely from the rapid growth in China's shipments of drives, and high-speed DSL (VDSL) in.

"Service providers realize fixed broadband services highly profitable, so the level of investment to expand the speed and fixed broadband capabilities should remain stable and continue to focus on promoting the fiber to the access network. We have seen the expansion of FTTH in China, driven by the government to the country's policy China's EPON and GPON equipment continues to greatly enhance delivery record. "IHS researcher broadband access and pay TV Jeff Heynen representation.

GPON equipment market

More broadband market view:

Chinese market in 2015 Q2, PON equipment revenue hit a record-breaking first-quarter revenue estimate $ 1 billion.

2015 full-year expenses will be more operators tend to deploy FTTH.

North America 2015 Q2 consumption environment is very complex: GPON expenses
increased 1%, but the chain fell 10%; DSL expenses fell 18%, growth of 5%.

Due to the huge Chinese market, continued investment, IHS expects global broadband aggregation market will reach $ 9 billion in 2019.

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