IEEE 25GbE standard is nearing completion

Early in 2012, LightCounting mention data center transformation is unprecedented. Changes than in 2012 and now worse, numerous and diverse. In response to these changes, the Ethernet Alliance in the OFC showed their Ethernet standards development roadmap, they might consider 50Gb/s, 200Gb/s, 800Gb/s, or even higher speed standards.

IEEE802.3 working group at full speed to finalizing standards for 25GbE. Participants discuss their next step will be to do what the standard rate, is the time. Only a year ago, LightCounting reported 40GbE standard parallel everyone responded with great enthusiasm. Interesting, with serial 10Gb/s SFI interface 10GbE SFP+ module brings success. Serial 40GbE now nobody cares. We are keen to 40GbE serial standards prior to the recent hot issue on increasing the standard rate, especially the increase in the rate of 50GbE standards.

Ethernet speeds

Three changes simultaneously. They revolve around 50Gb/s:
1. The giant data center operators like Microsoft wants to upgrade their 40GbE storage links to 50Gb/s.
2.OIF nearly completed a series of 50Gb/s electrical interface standard.
3.IEEE Task Force decided to 400GbE standard uses 8x 50Gb/s serial interface. These interfaces will use PAM4.

Giant data center operators by two industries plan, will soon have '50GbE' link-up. On a NIC, they started using dual 25G SFP28 port, but this is not a standard serial 50GbE. Thus held two informal 50GbE impromptu meeting to discuss the scope of the future IEEE 50GbE standards.

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