Prysmian help Italy lead the world fiber industry

Prysmian Italy was embarking on fiber production, focusing on the country's ultra-wideband communication network construction. It is reported that Prysmian has completed production centers Battipaglia €30 million investment to further improve their competitiveness. The center currently has a world-leading production capacity, technology and expertise.

Prysmian is the world's communications and cable industry leader, it is the world's five production plants (Italy, France, Netherlands, USA, Brazil) average production of nearly 30 million km fiber a year, including 9 million kilometers Italian production in order to achieve their global strategic wiring project.

Battipaglia optical fiber manufacturing plant employs 300 highly specialized staff, is the only Italian manufacturer of optical fiber.

Innovation and productivity are the core competitive Prysmian fiber strategy. Prysmian recent investment Battipaglia 200 micron fiber, this product allows an unprecedented density fiber is installed in the cable being. In this system innovation center, Prysmian is constantly developing new wiring and connection technology based on application requirements.

"Prysmian is the only Italian manufacturer of optical fiber. With our Italian qualified claiming to have a leading position in optical fiber such strategic high-tech fields." CEO of the Italian company Prysmian Hans Hoegstedt said, "in order show how Italy has a leading-edge technology, expertise and capacity to develop ultra-broadband network project, we have launched a communications campaign called L'Italia mostra la sua vera fibra In addition, the production of tomorrow in Battipaglia plant, we will showcase the latest technologies at the conference. "

"The new generation fiber-optic network and is destined to become the whole economic system upgrade infrastructure, improve the future of Europe is also a key point in Italy's competitiveness. With the popularity of next-generation networks, the demand for high quality optical fiber is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. "Nicola Scafuro Prysmian Manbadipa Seville plant manager, said the installation of speed fiber-optic communications network has now reached 300 million km/year, while in 2006 only only 95 million kilometers, which confirms that it is a positive whole industry, the fastest growing fields.

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