SDN continuous innovation to accelerate business processes

As a contributor and one of the main advocates of SDN technologies, Huawei has been committed to promoting SDN ecosystem maturation and accelerate the pace of business, as early as in October 2013 that is released the industry's first carrier-grade SDN controller SNC1000.

SDN terms of standard-setting work, Huawei actively promote the full participation is an important position ONF, IETF, ETSI-NFV key documents and other standards organizations contributed most manufacturers, and assume the Chair multiple working groups. While also promoting the establishment of industry alliances and ONOS SDN controller open source projects. On commercial practice, Huawei by the world's leading network operators based on various scenarios to expand cooperation in the field of innovation, bring a lot of value to promote business innovation and listing, deployment and operation and maintenance efficiency, network transmission efficiency, enhance the user experience and so on.

To date, Huawei has collaborated on more than 40 SDN joint innovation projects and commercial deployment with China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, Telefonica, Vodafone, Singapore Telecom, more than 20 leading global carriers, many of whom milestone Innovation Achievements - April 2014, and Beijing Telecom to complete the world's first commercial deployment of SDN carriers; in June 2014, China Mobile jointly released SDN innovations SPTN controller PTN network; in March 2015, with Telefonica completed the world's first collaborative SDN architecture based multi-IP+ Optical network now test innings.

A Current Analysis survey results released earlier showed that Huawei has been listed as the best operator SDN and NFV solutions provider. Research has 100 operators worldwide chief technology officer, chief operating officer and other executives participate, covering all major SDN and NFV solutions provider -- 69% of respondents said the most likely many vendors Huawei's SDN program, 79% said it was considering purchasing or have purchased Huawei's SDN program; 67 percent of respondents said the most willing to purchase Huawei's NFV scheme, 76% said it was considering purchasing or have purchased Huawei NFV scheme.

Shared global resources and developers win-win

In order to give customers more freedom, flexibility for the purpose of SDN, born should be open, interested companies, developers should be actively involved.

October 19, will be held in Shenzhen Huawei Developers Conference, participants can listen to the latest trends SDN industry, field experience online SDN scene programming and simulation laboratory services, and research and development staff and partners from various sectors face to face AC, so the ability to stimulate SDN open new ideas, new ideas collide, sparks bursting out with more innovative. Encourage more people and businesses to act, with a global SDN open source, and Huawei and other vendors to push SDN SDN full floor, and explore business opportunities in the process, win the market, gain huge returns.

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