Online SDN Laboratory promote ecosystem mature

Although more than 90% of operators have expressed strong willingness to deploy SDN, but there are some concerns, for example, migrate the existing network to the SDN not smooth implementation of the standard is not yet mature, the business model may occur so that operators can not adapt It changes.

The fundamental value of SDN is that agile, efficient, open, and the current SDN innovative practice is still in a relatively closed stage, mainly to solve network problems quickly and efficiently. SDN network and application integration in order to achieve truly open, so that the deployment of business become like today in the mobile terminal to download, use APP same; the same time, system integration, interoperability is currently the SDN commercial deployment of critical bottlenecks. Thus, only network and controller manufacturers investment is not enough to support an upper layer application software contains a strong ecosystem of developers, including essential.

From the upper application, the developer now difficult to obtain resources into SDN network laboratory construction, and SDN technology changes very fast at this stage, it is difficult to keep up with its own laboratory building rapidly changing controllers and network technologies. If you can network and controller manufacturers latest SDN network as an online laboratory services, any upper layer application software developers can remotely access a variety of innovative solutions for the laboratory and verify if, SDN applications will really develop.

It is seen that trend, Huawei will build online SDN laboratory as a strategy put in, it has begun in Suzhou SDN Laboratory set up the physical network and a corresponding plurality of scenes controller software for partners and developers to provide remote access to online SDN experimental environment.

Huawei also faced internal development and testing laboratory investment is too large problem, so long to develop a shared laboratory simulation laboratory, simulation and other technologies NE. Its routers and optical networking products are also very long had internal network simulation tool, you can quickly build and validate the development of functional simulation laboratory.

Huawei online SDN lab scenarios include a variety of types IP WAN, T-SDN, DC and ONOS controller, users can access online labs, can also be embedded in an integrated development environment by downloading a remote lab access, to achieve learning, coding, testing, simulation integration services, thus greatly save development investment, improve efficiency.

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