Data center is still the focus of CIOE2015

During CIOE2015, data center continues to hot, is still the focus of this exhibition, almost all manufacturers are playing jumpers "MPO/MTP" connector slogan, illustrates the market hot.

According to communication with the industry during the exhibition, it has been used to obtain the data center optical modules and jumpers, almost exclusively from Google and Alibaba orders. It is said that there are two companies in Shenzhen to carve a fortune from Google about 500 million yuan of large orders, production line capacity can be filled.

But this exhibition, still no shortage of new entrants into the ceramic ferrule producers, they do not see the momentum MPO/MTP it? Hunan Zhongke, said progress over the past year in the Division is very good, the current production capacity has been insufficient to support current customers, the future they will continue to expand production, the initial period is for them to quickly capture share, as to whether the investment in the future MT ferrule remains to be market conditions.

Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces ceramic ferrule manufacturers have said that domestic orders data center demand has not really released, are expected to erupt in 2017. This year the fiber link is still grown exponentially increase demand for ceramic ferrule, therefore, do not worry about the problem of production capacity in a short time can not be consumed, even to consider expansion. And MT ferrule technology threshold is also higher, domestic enterprises temporarily unable to fully grasp the techniques.

However, we still find Dongguan Zongxia communication, this year continue pushing its MT ferrule, which is the only one to focus MT ferrule and the external display. After CIOE2014 Dongguan Zongxia debut MPO ferrule sample, by the industry concerned, after a year of continuous research and repeated tests, the relevant responsible person said, MT ferrule since May this year after the official launch of the market, now we have a certain shipments, a lot of good customer feedback.

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