Huawei's upcoming online SDN Laboratory Services

In recent years, SDN has been a rapid transition from the concept stage to the deployment phase of the program innovation, and access to the vast majority of telecom operators worldwide recognition. However, SDN floor still faces many challenges, particularly want to really play its "network with service integration, network with the need to move" strong role, is inseparable from the upper application support.

In light of this, Huawei will specifically for the upper layer application software developers launched online SDN laboratory services, so that the world may be the first time developers access to Huawei's latest SDN technology and interfaces, online learning, samples, as well as the development, validation thereby releasing SDN value, to further accelerate its business processes. C114 It is understood that the service will be officially released in September, and in October 19 to 20 during the first Huawei Worldwide Developers Conference costumes attack, providing attendees experience.

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