OFS published commercially available multimode fiber Laserwave® FLEX WideBand

Innovative fiber optic network equipment and solutions provider of world-class design and production company OFS, on September 21 announced Laserwave® FLEX WideBand multimode fiber reach commercialization. This fiber is designed to meet today's OM4 and next generation short-wavelength WDM (SWDM) applications.

On the basis of the bending LaserWave FLEX 550 (OM4) fiber above, LaserWave FLEX WideBand fiber to meet and fully backward match an existing OM4 requirements, and extends the traditional OM4 multimode fiber supports multi-wavelength capability. Unlike traditional multimode fiber supports 850nm single wavelength transmission, LaserWave FLEX WideBand fiber also supported from 850nm to 950nm wavelength range transport. This causes a single optical fiber multi-channel transmission becomes possible, significantly improving bandwidth capacity multimode fiber, while maintaining up to 300 meters or more short-range applications, the cost advantage. This fiber supports four wavelengths 100Gb/s applications, providing future 400Gb/s or higher speed bandwidth.

OFS product line management and R & D department, senior director Oliviero Mr. Andrew said: "We have been committed to providing the end user to the data center a 400Gb/s transmission and SWDM solutions that solve 400G offers just eight duplex fiber 100Gb/s connection The possibility .WDM technology known in single mode transmission, but recently the use of short-wavelength VCSELs in multimode applications also began to be applied, these applications make SWDM multimode fiber compared to single-mode fiber to maintain a cost advantage of short connection while greatly increasing the overall link capacity.

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