ROADM market entered a rapid growth period

According to well-known market research firm IHS Infonetics latest report shows that in the optical transmission market, in addition to still maintain a rapid growth outside 100G, ROADM market has become another one star. 2015 second quarter, ROADM market income ratio in the entire WDM market revenue up 45%. The report predicts that, ROADM market in 2015 revenue will grow 12% in 2104, and 2019, the market's compound annual growth rate as high as 12%, which greatly exceeds the entire WDM market compound annual growth rate of 9%, to become the next four years, WDM segment of the market the fastest growing segment.

ROADM market entered a rapid growth period
Figure: Infonetics report ROADM market entered a rapid growth period
As can be seen from the chart IHS Infonetics report, in fact, starting in 2011, ROADM market performance had already started to speed, there's little need to explain that, 100G technology is also starting in 2011 at a global scale commercial. It is a coincidence?

Let's take a look at the status quo of large cities in China, the road to development, and perhaps give us some enlightenment. In recent years, some large cities continue to build and expand roads, often encounter the problem of the transformation of urban interchange. Some design and construction of transportation hub earlier, in the rapid development of today's urban road traffic has become the bottleneck. Similarly, the development of optical networks is also facing a similar situation. With 2011 global begin large-scale commercial 100G coherent optical transmission technology, many operators have seen the super-high-speed optical transmission technology challenge existing optical network architecture, and embarked on a strategy to reshape the optical network architecture project. Therefore, it is not a coincidence, but the optical network development inevitable trend.

Technology and market jointly call new networking technology of optical network

With the rise of Internet penetration to various industries in various fields, as well as cloud computing, big data, networking and other technology applications, data traffic is continuing to grow rapidly. According to IHS Infonetics analytical report 100G module shipments increased from 2011 in 2000 to 2014 or so quickly over 120,000. 100G optical transmission system on a global scale is rapidly expanding. In recent years, the industry has set his sights on Super 100G technology. Alcatel-Lucent deployed the world's first commercial 400G optical transport network in 2013, its 200G wavelength-division-board programmable achieve volume shipments in 2014. According to market analysts predict that by around 2017, 400G will gradually begin large-scale commercial.

You can see from the above data, ultra-high-speed optical transmission technology is rapidly improving the transmission capacity of the fiber, which makes electrical cross-way network to OTN optical network node is facing great challenges. According to the development trend of optical networks, long-distance backbone and metro core network topology often will tend to grid, the dimensions of each node may reach 8-dimensional, or even more. In this case, if pure electric cross 100G OTN networking mode, which means that the capacity of each node will reach 8x8T = 64T. If you consider the way for future 400G OTN network, then the capacity will be close to 200T, which is currently on the market, the largest capacity OTN electrical cross-connect equipment is far unable to meet. Meanwhile, large-scale OTN electrical cross matrix bound to bring higher power requirements and cooling requirements, as well as the difficulty of network evolution challenges operators have realized in the actual deployment of the deployment faced.

Future-oriented development, technology and markets are calling the new Optical Networking technology.

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