Corning preparing for a high-density data center cabling solutions EDGE8TM

Recently, Corning introduced a data center dedicated fiber cabling solutions EDGE8. "Corning EDGE8 program uses 8-core optical fiber modular structure, with a higher density per rack mounting. EDGE8 solution helps data center operators improve the user experience, to adapt the rate of evolving requirements and new standards evolution, and reduce procurement Uncertainty .EDGE8 cabling solution is to 40G, 100G, 400G upgrade the easiest and most flexible way. "Scott Gregg Kang Ningguang Communications Asia Pacific marketing manager for enterprise network recently said in an interview.

EDGE8 exactly match QSFP module, data center cabling easier

Scott pointed out that in order to meet the needs of the data center, Corning launched dedicated to data center EDGE8 system, which is based on 8-core fiber structure designed to perfectly match the latest QSFP optical module, it can achieve 100% utilization of the port rate, can achieve a more perfect port match. Because our new 8-core system using the new master PIN needle interventions with cable termination form, which is how it can simplify a lot of the kind jumper existing systems. In addition, the link system can be reduced Corning EDGE8 more than 35% of the loss. It can also support future 400Gbps applications. EDGE8 system uses 8-fiber MTP connectors help to simplify network deployment and optimize system configuration.

More energy-efficient

Compared with traditional copper cabling, as EDGE8 system uses the entire cable network, cable diameter will be much smaller than copper. For data centers, there will be greater in favor of air flow space, resulting in significant energy savings. For example, we are also a practical system for each port if you want to use copper consumed 2 watts of power, if the cable manner, the energy consumption of each port is only about 0.5 watts to 1 watt. And copper wiring compared to the same Gigabit network, cable energy only 1/4 or 1/2 of copper. When we consider such applications like cloud computing environment, it is a very large number of ports, thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of ports, each port of the energy savings add up, then it is very impressive.

Less time

And traditional field termination and splicing program compared to, whether EDGE8 EDGE program or traditional savings schemes can reach 90% of installation time. EDGE series, even when compared with Corning's own pre-terminated solution (Corning generation PNP-play mode), EDGE8 data center solution can save 35 percent of the time. Since the all-optical network based on EDGE platform, the new EDGE8 from the installation in terms of speed, it will also have to install fast EDGE an advantage.

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