Competition status and trends of soft cable

1. FTTH with a soft optical cable

FTTH customer base with a soft optical cable main suppliers, competition in this area is mainly between traditional cable companies, and professional soft cable companies due to lack of brand influence, market channels is imperfect, the lack of scale advantages, it is difficult to enter the fields. But due to the current FTTH market with a soft optical cable capacity is relatively small, so the market can not accommodate too many cable companies, the market concentration degree will be far higher than ordinary cable, over the next three to five companies expected to occupy 80% of the market share, and currently occupy the forefront of the enterprise market will likely further expand the advantages, the industry average profit margin would be in a more reasonable level.

2. The optical connector device with a soft optical cable

Unlike soft FTTH optical cables and optical connectors for flexible cable customer base is a communication device manufacturer and device class manufacturers, more than the number of such enterprises, a relatively small-scale enterprises. Before 2005 professional soft cable companies occupy the market, but after 2005 with the expansion of market demand, the traditional cable companies quickly cut into the market, by virtue of its good brand image as well as the scale of strength and technical strength, coupled together with ordinary cable cost advantages and fiber resources supporting the formation of scale procurement of raw materials, the market share of traditional cable companies in the field of rapid increase, severely squeezed the soft cable professional living space, and this trend will become more pronounced. It can be expected, a few years later, the existing professional soft cable companies will gradually withdraw from the mainstream market in the field, the market will be the preceding several traditional cable business division.

From the application point of view, the optical connectors for flexible cable market capacity will not be great, and dispersed customer base, pre-equipment and research and development into a larger, more post-market investment, and general profitability and many other reasons, so new entrants were underpowered, the future market structure will remain relatively stable.

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