AOI publish data center with 100G optical engine

Analog and digital optical components supplier AOI (Applied Optoelectronics) has introduced 100Gbps optical engine for data center use. The product is built four laser, detector arrays, optical arrays and associated drive electronics for parallel 100Gbps optical modules and other design PSM4 QSFP28.

The main features of the product include:

• AOI Texas MBE Fab homemade laser chip

• Highly reliable non-seal design to improve the cost-effective

• Built-in laser driver and TIA chip simplifies design

• Patented thermal design

• Provide MSA compatible and pigtail packages

AOI indicates that the product has begun to provide samples, the amount of the year is expected to produce. According Lightcounting forecasts, bulk sales 100G QSFP28 module will appear in the second half of next year.

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